Thera-band Roller

Easy grip handles

Perform self-massage

Promotes recovery post-workout

Use to warm muscles pre-workout

Miracle Lotion

17 natural oils & 14 herbs

Great for dry & problem skin

Super moisturizing

No added fragrance or preservatives

Lumbar Support

Eases low back pain while sitting

Lumbar Support

Eases low back pain while sitting


Supports optimal inflammatory response

Promotes arterial and heart health

Optimized to alleviate aches and pains

Enhances brain health and mood

Ice Packs
$10 – Small
$15 – Large

Paleo Valley Organ Complex

Boost your energy

Fight nutrient deficiency

Great Lakes Gelatin

Improves skin tissue strength & elasticity

Aids in strengthening hair and nails

Excellent source of protein

Provides joint support


Great Lakes Collagen Hydrolysate

Protein supplement

Unique combination of amino acids

Promotes healing in bones, joints & digestive system

B12 Patches

1600mcg of B-12


100% Active Methylcobalamin

KT Tape

Can be placed on muscles, ligaments, and tendons

Relieves discomfort and pain

Allows for greater movement of lymphatic fluid

Olbas Inhaler

Creates a pleasant and refreshing cooling sensation

Fast acting

Menthol based


Menthol Cream

Muscle recovery


Colloidal silver solution

Support and maintain the immune system


Ear Candles

Perfect way to unwind

Clears the ear of any wax build up

Arnica Tablets

Provide relief from muscle soreness

Essential Oil Diffuser

200ml capacity

4 time settings

14 color settings

At Home Tens Unit

Complete stimulation therapy at home

Pulse amplitude: 0-80mA, 500 Ohm load

Pulse frequency: 2-150Hz


Red: Medium resistance

Green: Heavy resistance

Blue: Extra-heavy resistance

Super Bifido Plus Probiotic

For sensitive digestive systems

Provides relief from gastrointestinal discomfort

Maintain a healthy microflora